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The programs on this page are designed with home and personal use in mind, while some have business applications as well. Please give any that interest you a try and see what you think!

Affirmatech's Startup Program Manager 1.1

Having our programs up and running, waiting for us after we start our PCs is great, but placing a large number of programs in the Windows Startup folder can really slow the boot process. This program alleviates that bottleneck by sensibly managing the start up timing of your favorite software. Simply replace all the programs in your Windows Startup folder with this one and then manage the programs that you would like to start from here.

To maximize the benefits of Affirmatech's Start Manager software, set your start up delay to begin after your boot process typically completes, staggering the start of each program by a few seconds. In addition, you can also optionally set parameters to have the programs you launch open specific files, web pages, etc.

For example, let's say that when your PC boots each morning, you would like to have a couple web pages open and waiting for you when the boot process completes:

- In the Program Name field, enter Chrome (any way you would like to identify the software is fine).

- For the Path field, browse to the path where Chrome's .exe file resides on your PC. It will be something like:

C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

- Enter the number of seconds of delay you would like your PC to wait before starting Chrome.

- The Arguments field is optional. Each program may have different argument formatting, so you'll need to research those program specific details, but for the sake of this example, you would open two tabs in Chrome simultaneously with this formatting:

--new-tab http://www.n3fjp.com --new-tab http://www.affirmatech.com

You can also start multiple iterations of the same program and associated files. You might have both a To Do list and a Contact list in two different WordPad files. Just make two entries for WordPad, each with its own file path to the file you would like to open on startup.

To edit an entry, click on it and click Edit. Don't forget to press enter after you make your changes.

To delete an entry, click on the entry and click Delete.

That's all there is to it! Enjoy!